E-Waste Management



We care for environment

At Sara Imports we understand that our responsibility doesn’t end at selling you our products. Sara Imports has been working in the area of safe disposal of electronic waste. Since MFDand other electronic items are made of hazardous constituents. Under our e-waste policy as well the legislation passed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), called E-waste (Management) Rules, 2016, which comes into effect from 1st Oct 2016,

  • Sara Imports will seek shared responsibility and
            cooperation from customers in reducing the
            environmental impact of their products.
  • Sara Imports will comply with all the
            applicable laws related to e-waste management

As a part of e-waste recycling initiative, Sara Imports has partnered with Tritech Systems Recycler, India’s leading electronic asset management and disposal company to comply with E-Waste management and Handling Rules in providing environmentally sound management of end of life electronics.

Our E-Waste Recycling Partner

As part of this partnership with Tritech Systems Recycler, the company will ensure environmentally sound management of electronics that have reached their end of life phase. Tritech Systems Recycler has obtained all the necessary authorizations from the appropriate governmental agencies for their processing facilities. Tritech Systems Recycler ensures proper recycling and disposal of e-waste. This helps us protect the environment from any hazardous consequences, which would be otherwise caused by the inappropriate waste management of e-waste.

In case of any queries regarding the proper disposal and/or recycling of electronics, consumers can contact the helpdesk at:

  • 18004198851
  • Email : admin@saraimports.co.in

• M/s Sara Imports is engaged in the business of importing photocopying equipment and selling the same in India on PAN India basis;

• M/s Sara Imports makes its customers aware about the nature of the constituting elements involved in the electrical and electronic equipment which require proper disposal;

• M/s Sara Import informs its customers that it is bound by the provisions of the E-waste (Management) Rules, 2016;

• M/s Sara Imports complies with all applicable legal provisions and undertakes to abide by all laws and regulations that may come up in future;

• M/s Sara Import has employed M/s Tritech Systems as its dismantling/ recycling agent having its registered office at S.F.No.165, Porur Village, Amabttur Taluk, Thriruvallur District, Chennai 600116, Tamil Nadu.

• If a customer seeks to dispose of the electronic products purchased from M/s Sara Imports, it may contact on18004198851. Upon receiving confirmation from the customer, M/s Sara Imports shall send its authorized representative to collect the subject e-waste either themselves and store it at the Sara Imports’ office at 1327 Golden Colony, Mogappair Road, Annanagar west extn, Chennai 600 050, Tamil Nadu or direct the logistics partner – M/s The Professional Couriers to collect and transport the same to M/s Tritech Systems.

• The wastes collected and stored at the M/s Sara import’s premises shall be transported to the premises of the M/s Tritech Systems either by the M/s Tritech Systems themselves or through the M/s The Professional Couriers.

• M/s Tritech Systems is one of the registered E-waste dismantlers/ recyclers of the country bearing e-waste authorization number EWM/AMB/06 having a capacity of 3600 MTA p.a.

• M/s Tritech Systems shall be involved in collecting, dismantling, disposing off and properly handling the end of life electrical and electronic products from the customers of M/s Sara imports.


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